Feel as confident marketing your expertise as you do providing it.

Feel as confident marketing your expertise as you do providing it.


Clarify Your Goal


Make a Plan to Achieve It


Keep it Simple

Marketing complex professional services is hard.

Shocked Businesswoman reading online news.

The expertise you offer is difficult to explain.


You can’t clearly differentiate yourself from your competition.


Your story is all over the place.


You know you need to be more proactive on LinkedIn but are struggling to do it.


You aren’t connecting with the right prospects.

Clearplan helps consultants, principals, and founders who have deep expertise in complex services describe what they do and connect with the people who need them.

You’re smart. Keep things simple.

When you’re in the business of providing complex professional services, it can be difficult to describe what you do, much less market yourself. 

We’re here to clear away the clutter, clarify your goal, and make a clear plan for reaching it. 

Before you jump into random acts of marketing, we challenge you to think:

  • Who REALLY cares about what you have to offer?
  • Where do you find them? 
  • What problem do you help those people solve?
  • Why should they choose you over your competition?
  • What do you do better than any other service provider?
  • How will whatever marketing tactic you’re about to take support your broader business goals?

Let us do the hard work on the front end so you can keep your marketing strong, effective, and manageable on your own. 

Hear From Our Clients

She makes complex content engaging

Debbie is both professional and engaging, making everyone feel comfortable from our portfolio company CEOs to the scientists and clinical advisors with whom she consults.

Tom Melzer
Co-Founder and Managing Director
RiverVest Venture Partners

She's a thought partner who's worth every penny

Debbie connected the dots between messaging, marketing, and branding while cheerleading me through my entrepreneurial leap. She helped narrow my scope and created a project timeline with clear milestones to ensure we stayed on track. Doing this right has been worth every penny.

Brynn Sanders
Sanders Capital Consultancy

She strategically differentiates our specialized services

Debbie is undaunted in distilling financial complexities into compelling messages that clearly differentiate our specialized services and resonate with our target audiences.

Abigail Kepple
President of Specialized Lending
Enterprise Bank & Trust

Law Office
Law Office
Clarity Financial Planners
Anders CPAs + Advisors

Your Confidence is our Priority. Together we will:

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Define Your Goals

We take the time to understand your value proposition, your ideal clients, and your business objectives. 

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Shape Your Message

We craft messaging that sets you apart by connecting the dots between your expertise and your prospects' needs.

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Create a Clear Plan

We position your expertise against the competition and create a clear and manageable marketing plan. 

When you’re ready to feel as confident marketing your expertise as you do providing it, give us a call. 

Until then, try this networking scenario for responding to that oh-so-confounding question: "What do you do?"

(We don't collect email addresses. The link takes you straight to the worksheet.)